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2023, This is not the worst

Since 2016, I have been writing a yearly review blog for myself, and I haven’t stopped since. However, this year’s review is a bit delayed due to fatigue and being busy with responsibilities. Mortgage, being a father, and joining a new team, things are pushing me move forward, it feels like a drowning person trying to catch something to stay afloat, I felt tired and depressed. Like the old words said, adult word never easy, you only learn it when you’re.

Last night, I revisited my first blog post from 2016, it refreshed my memory about who I am. I asked myself again: What’s your dream?

Be a good father, a good husband, a good son.

Be a good software engineer.

Have a wonderful life.

Then why do you care about other things so much.

If you want something, why don’t you just go for it.

You’re free.

You can choice to fight, you can choice to balance yourself.

Now your problem is that you’re trying to hold too many things at same time. When you had nothing, you only strive for success. Don’t think that you have so much, because in reality, you don’t have anything. You’re just a poor boy with a little dream, living on this tiny, moist mud ball.

Don’t exaggerate your problems. When you look back one day, you’ll realize that the things that seemed so important don’t really matter. What matters is your attitude of fight, your optimistic outlook, and the love and help you give to others.

Don’t complain about what you haven’t been given; instead, be grateful for what you have. You don’t deserve it, nobody does. So be thankful for being a lucky person, because you’re already luckier than many others.

Pay attention to your health and weight before you reach mid-age.

Show more love to the people around you. At 30 years old, I finally understood that the meaning of life is to give love to others. Being a kind person is more important than being an expert engineer.

As usual, I’ll mark all target I set last year “done” and have some new targets for this year:

  • Attend at least 4 community lessons with my son.
  • Become a SQS expert, also an distribution system expert
  • Go hiking, visit at least 10 national park in summer
  • Making 2 more new friends

Happy to meet you there, 2023.