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Hello, 2022!

May he find undeserved bliss whatever he goes.

–The Man from Earth

2021 is an extraordinary year, I and my families start our new life in Vancouver - With a bit strange, a bit excited, and few surprises.

Went well

On first half of year, I spend a lot of time study on our legacy system, rebuilt the core logic of system in a small project of my own, that’s the biggest win I guess. By a lot of communication with our customers, my communication skill has been improved to another level, now I understanding what my previous colleague told me, “Don’t spend too much time on study English, language is just a tool”. Second half year, I was involved into a new project, finally be able to start a project from 0 to 1, that’s a valuable experience, I’ll write another blog about this.

Less well

What I’m doing not good enough is that I feel I didn’t learn so much things last year, the design thinking, the knowledge tree on my head is still same as when I firstly join Amazon. Manager promise me promote me to Sr SDE on Q3, but I don’t feel I that I’m senior enough, especially in terms of technical depth.

Action items

After 7 years working in IT industry, I feel I built a very nice structure in my head to fill all knowlegdes. The next step I guess is choice a direction and go deeper and deeper, become the toppest person who make others think of you when they remind of this field. However the the “Toppest” can be team/company/industry scope, let’s start from small.

I read very little in last year, mostly some official documents, I wish I can read more top person’s blog, attend more sharing session and even sharing more knowledge from myself when there’s opportunity.

I rarely had deep thinking last year, most time just finish my job, however I understand that is not enough to be growth on the real career path.

Thus, in 2022, I wish myself read more, think more, share more, and don’t forget keep practice.

2022 Target

  • Get an gun license
  • House Decoration
  • Expand into a new technical field
  • 100 leetcode problems solving
  • 10 books reading